24 Hours Of LeMons: This Time We Went Fast, Briefly

If anyone here remembers the Brooklyn Bomb Squad's not-so-triumphant LeMons race at New Jersey Motorsports park in the spring, it's time to grab a hankie and wipe away those tears. For we have returned from the Halloween Hooptiefest in New Hampshire with glory and dignity! No, we didn't win (HAAAAA! HAA!! No.) Nor… » 11/18/14 8:50am Tuesday 8:50am

All the changes to the exterior are totally functional. All the changes to the drivetrain and suspension are amazingly thorough. (No word yet on what particular flavor of 6-speed transmission will be behind that sweet, sweet baby jesus 5.2 liter mill, but some of the teaser shots suggested the MT-82 has been replaced… » 11/17/14 7:43pm Monday 7:43pm

In one of the teaser videos they momentarily show something that looks very much more like a TR606 than a MT-82. But any car they are showing in LA will be a prototype I imagine. I too am interested what kind of transmission they've fitted since every single other system in the car is unique to gt350. » 11/17/14 10:25am Monday 10:25am