You know how long nine hours is? Maybe you think you do, until you stretch that time around the starting and finishing flags of a single automobile race. Then nine hours becomes the cerebral input of three or four days smashed into one long, blurry landscape, with occasional lucid awakenings prompted by tires shrieking as another car goes off the track or by another cold pulled pork sandwich going into your mouth. It’s a grueling test of both human and mechanical endurance, and that’s just the first day. Wake up, rinse, repeat.

Endurance racing is a portal to an slightly weird altered state. If you’re interested at all in that sort of thing, you should be checking out American Endurance Racing.


I had the privilege of being the official photographer for AER’s three day event at New Jersey Motorsports Park last weekend. Dozens of cars and teams showed up to abuse themselves relentlessly all weekend, including the Jalopnik crew of Travis Okulski and Matt Hardigree. A big thanks to Precision Track Time for sponsoring me last weekend, and to John Kolesa at AER for running such a great show.

Enjoy this photo set of the action from NJMP. Oh, and come follow me on Instagram (I’m leaving for Lemons at NJMP today, driving and shooting, and promise more photos):